How To Dress For A Stampede or Hoedown

We have decided that the outfit to wear at our stampedes or hoedowns will be to dress as a cowgirl! Cowboy hats and bandanas are a must. Cowboy boots and plaid shirts are optional.

Demonstrations will start as peaceful and no guns will be allowed. If any of our moms are harmed or placed into danger we will reconsider concealed carrying.

Everyone will need to sign in for the demonstrations. 

Children will be allowed at demonstrations when no carrying is allowed and will walk with an adult (18 and over) in the middle of the demonstration group. 

Face Covering by a bandana and sunglasses for protection will be allowed, but you will need to provide ID when signing in. You will walk at the beginning of the demonstration group!

To find out about a stampede or hoedown you will need to message us on Facebook and let us know your state, county, and email address. 

This year's campaign is 
Moms Over Money 2020!


We don't want others to know what we are up to all the time. So we will have hoedowns. These are demonstrations that will be in your county. They will be at politicians, homes, work, etc....  You will receive an email or a text message and in two hours meet at a certain location with your signs and dressed as a cowgirl!

You will only be able to sign up for these hoedowns at stampedes (demonstrations)

If you are concerned about being identified you can wear a bandana over your face, but you will have to sign in with the person in control of the demonstration.

Can't wait to see you soon!

Mother's Day 2020 We Launch

Mother's Day 2020 we will be having our first gathering to make signs for our Stampedes. You will then receive information on demonstrations that will be taking place that you may join. We will also share information regarding our Hoedowns (Tow hour notice of demonstrations in your county.). See our page regarding Hoedowns.

To sign up message us on our Facebook page with your state and county with your email address.



Moms Purpose has its own terminology. 

You will want to know what our terminology means. 

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See you at the next stampede!

Moms Over Money 2020

Ignite Moms Purpose

This spring get ready as mothers come together to stop the corruption in the court system and the selling of custody and children by political leaders, County Commissioners!

May 10th, 2020
(Mother's Day) 

We are starting at the bottom and getting rid of the scum!

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Moms Wanted